"Our Tradition Continues"
43rd Annual International Championships
March 25, 2017

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The night before the tournament, the black belts meet and go over all details of the tournament so everything goes as smooth as possible. Then, on the day of the tournament everyone arrives, friends are greeted, check the assignment board, go to the change table if there are any errors, look at the posters from area classes, have a last minute practice, greet Master Lawlor as he arrives, and then, it is time to line up for the bow-in.

Opening Bow-In

After the bow-in the national anthems of Canada and the United States are sung and then announcments are given and awards are presented.

Master Robert Lawlor gives the opening comments.
The national anthems of Canada and the United States are sung by Catherine Peyton, from the Adams dojang, and her sisters.
Steve Rowell, Executive Director of the Watertown Family YMCA gives welcoming remarks.
Karateka of the Year
Mr. Michael Riley

Kata Forms - Trophy presentation occurs at the conclusion of each division.

Weapons Forms


Demonstrations - by the Black Belts occurred throughout the day.

Pictures are being prepared and will be coming soon.

Posters - The dojangs are encouraged to make a poster and bring it to the tournament to display.

Horse Stance Center Punch
(Click here for HSCP video.)

First Eight Moves of Kata One.
(Click here for Kata One video.)
AKDW Black Belts - Various Meditation & Multiple Board Breaks.
(Click here for video.)
Mr. Steven Howard - An open hand form.
(Click here for video.)
Master Dan Jones- Blade form ~ "Pulk un Kolmok" ~ "Red Alley".
(Click here for video.)
The Black Belt Demo Team - Master Robert Lawlor: Black Belt Bo (Staff) form prepared by Master Frank Palumbo:
"Shou Lei Gan" ~ "Stick of Thunder".
(Click here for video.)
Mr. Daniel Retajczyk - Musical kata with board breaks.
(Click here for video.)
Mr. Michael Delouche, Mrs. Suzanne Delouche, Miss Willow Hillman, Mr. Christian Wittemeier:
Open Hand and Weapons form: ~ Old Koryo.
(Click here for video.)
Master Debbie Hintopoulos - A Naginata form Sohei ~ origins from Warrior Monks of Japanese.
(Click here for video.)

The tournament has finished and the Black Belts gather together.

After the tournament, annual pictures are taken at class meetings or at area gatherings of several classes. Excitement is still high from the tournament and students are encouraged to bring any trophies they won at the tournament for general display.

St. Lawrence County

Alexandria Bay




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