AKDW Adult Karate Camp General Information

Items you will need: Tent (unless arranged for), sleeping bag and/or blankets, sneakers or other suitable footwear, karate uniform, toilet articles, food, extra socks, and rain gear. (Sneakers are mandatory and will be worn at all times).

Items not allowed: Vehicles (with exception of campers) will not be allowed in the camp area. Campers will be allowed in the space along side the tent area and a parking area will be provided for vehicles. Personal electronics, i.e. Ipods, portable televisions, radios, or CD/Tape players are not allowed in the camp. Cell phones are to remain in the tents and be turned off. NO smoking or alcoholic beverages will be permitted during the camp. NO pets (dogs, cats, etc.).

Food & Meals: Students should bring their own food and water. Any type of food is acceptable and students may wish to bring snacks such as: fruit, nuts, etc. for break times during the day. It is also a good idea to have a canteen or water bottle. Campers may bring any type of eating utensils, portable stoves, paper plates, etc., are desirable and permissible. Campers should bring a small amount of pocket money in order to purchase such daily items as milk, etc.

Food Storage: Students should bring coolers and ice for their storage needs. If you need ice you may purchase it in Lorraine or put in an order with the Tent Area Advisor when the laundry run is made.

Laundry: During the four day camp, provisions are made for laundry runs for uniforms. There will be a run Thursday evening and another Friday evening if necessary. It is important to bring as many uniforms as you can as well as extra clothing. ONLY the UNIFORMS will be LAUNDERED. If you need a uniform laundered, the following steps need to be taken:

    1. Bring a dollar for every uniform to be laundered.
    2. Mark your name in laundry ink inside the uniforms top (inside right lapel) and inside the pant waistline in the back.
    3. You will need to tie the uniform top and bottoms together by the tie and drawstring before handing them in. You could also bring safety pins to attach the tops and bottoms together if you prefer.
    4. Uniforms and money will be collected during the supper period. These steps will be necessary to ensure that everyone gets back their own uniform.

Extra Clothing: It is important that you bring extra clothing as we will be laundering uniforms. Uniforms will also be made available at the camp, however, this is on a limited basis.

Hats: Only uniform Kang Duk Won hats may be worn. Students wear white hats and Black Belts wear black hats.

Rain Gear: In the event of rain, rain gear may be worn during specific activities at camp. It is therefore, a good idea to bring rain gear i.e. poncho, rain suit, boots, etc.

Special Clothing: Campers may bring camouflage clothing or ninja uniforms for use in night training or special training activities.

Sleeping Arrangements: Students may sleep at home if they live close by or if they have secured a motel room. They may sleep at a motel as long as they have made arrangements with their Instructor. Let one of the camp supervisors know before leaving in the evening and return by 9:00 a.m. for bow-in. Campers or RVs are acceptable and will park in aan area next to the tents.

Meditation Area: A daily meditation period will be provided so that students may take advantage of the area set aside for meditation. Silence must be observed in the meditation area at all times. However, reading is allowed.

Leaving Camp: Students should notify their Instructor or the Tent Area Advisor and check out at Gate Security before leaving camp for any reason. Students must also check in at Gate Security upon returning to camp. This is important in the event that the student receives a phone call.

Time of Arrival: Camp begins at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning and ends at 4:00 p.m. Sunday Afternoon. Students may also participate in activities remaining on the day they arrive and set up their tent, if they so desire. Each morning, classes will begin at 9:30 a.m. Students are expected to make their own arrangements for wake up and to be in front of Headquarters for Bow In at 9:30 a.m.

Showers: Students may shower at camp in the shower/rest room facility in the Tent Area. If they live close by, they may shower at home. Students may shower any time during the day (i.e. they may shower during the free period).

Tent Area Advisor: A Black Belt Instructor is assigned to the tent area to take care of the needs of the students. If you have problems or are in need of any items you should see the Tent Area Advisor or your Instructor. An Advisor will be located in the Store/Tent Area Advisor Building, to the right of the shower building, around the clock. Students are free to go to the Area Advisor at any time during the day or evening. The Advisor is for the Brown Belts and Colored Belts. Report any injuries to the Tent Area Advisor or any Black Belt Instructor.

Camp Security: A coordinator of security is on duty 24 hours a day, checking grounds and parking lots.

Trash: We are using the New York State Parks Guidelines of "Carry In - Carry Out". This means that you will be bringing your trash with you when you leave. Try to bring a suitable container with you when you come to camp. In the long run it will mean that people will be more aware of recycling, etc. and generate less trash. This will certainly help the environment and make a difference for future generations. Thanks for your cooperation.

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