American Kang Duk Won Karate Camp
Est. 1976

More information can be obtained from:

American Kang Duk Won Karate, P.O. Box 151, Watertown, NY 13601

American Kang Duk Won's annual karate camp is a unique opportunity for training as well as for forming a special bond with other karateka. Classes and activities have included: Kata Training, Martial Arts Injuries, Wellness in the Martial Arts, History of the Samurai, Hand Techniques, Street Awareness and Self-Defense, Basic Forms, Running, Falling and Tumbling, Ippon Kumite, Quad Training, Free Fighting, Meditation, Dojang Procedures, Board Breaking, 3 Step Sparring, American Kang Duk Won on the Internet, various Weapons, Nutrition, Survival Techniques, Martial Arts Books, Project Triangle, Attack on Nopunde Castle, the Combat Course, and Night Training.

In addition, a new emblem (pictured above) was issued at the 20th Anniversary Camp. The updated emblem depicts a karateka in a knife hand block position on the edge of a swamp as can be found in the Combat Course at camp. In the background, Nopunde Castle can be seen along with lightning and a full moon. The four banners on the top of the castle represent the four directors of American Kang Duk Won, Master Shean, Master Palumbo, Master C. Lawlor, and Master Hintopoulos.


A pictoral tour through the AKDW camp

(Descriptions appear beneath the image to which they refer)


A view of camp: Classes are held in tents and open training areas throughout the four day camp.

Mrs. Jennifer Palumbo reviews camp schedule while on duty at gate security and welcoming booth.

Entrance to Instructor’s Area at American Kang Duk Won Camp.

Camp Classes & Instructors

Directors of American Kang Duk Won. from left to right: Master Palumbo; Master Shean; Master R. Lawlor; Master C. Lawlor; Master Hintopoulos.

Escrima: Mr. Dan Jones and Mr. Mark Sears

Basic Forms: Mr. Paul Carpenter

Tonfa: Mr. Dave Dummitt

Martial Arts Medical Aspects: Dr. James Latimer

Falling and Tumbling: Mrs. Charlene Rydgren

American Kang Duk Won on the Internet: Master Palumbo and Mr. Frank Sestir

Street Awareness and Self Defense: Mr. Ed Carpenter and Mrs. Rose Carpenter

Kata Class: Mr. Ralph Steria

Breaking Class: Mrs. Fran Foley

PRT course: Mr. Chris Lewis

Kicking Class: Mr. Scott Shean


Naginata: Master Hintopoulos

Rappelling at Nopunde Castle

Black Belt Team of Instructors prepare for arrival of students at Nopunde Castle.

Careful check of all equipment is made by Black Belt Team.

Inside Nopunde Castle students are equipped and prepared for the project.

Mr. Lester Beyer instructs a student on proper rappelling techniques.

A student descends the 35 foot high Castle.

Combat Course

Ninja swamp and its floating bridge offer challenges at all times.

Crossing of Ninja swamp by a team of Black Belt monitors.

Running the mile long Combat Course the students kick targets and remain alert for well concealed ninjas at every turn.

Riding across the 300 foot cable over Ninja Swamp is always an exciting experience.

As if coming out of nowhere, Ninjas serve to monitor all activities - as well as motivate the runners to meet each mental and physical encounter with spirit and enthusiasm.

The Newest Addition to The Combat Course for 1999:

The Octagon

As if the combat course weren't challenging enough, the latest addition to Ninja swamp is the Octagon. The Octagon is full of surprises and challenges to all who enter.

A team of Ninja course coordinators await the next group of students in the Combat Course

Guiding the students through the challenges of the Combat Course proves to be as much fun for the Black Belts as is it for the participants of various belt ranks.

Pictured (Left to Right):

Master Frank Palumbo, David Dummitt, Linda Amyot, Keith Sixberry, Lester Beyer, Jim Creighton, Paul Carpenter, Master Lawlor, Master Shean, Mark Sears, Master Debbie Hintopoulos, and Charlene Rydgren.

Physical Readiness Training (PRT) Course

Students being challenged by some of the various obstacles on the PRT course.



The Meditation Area, where one can peacefully relax in a wooded setting.


Quietly and methodically walk the Labyrinth. Focus your ki.


The Helicopter

Master Hintopoulos and Dr. James Latimer prepare to view the 150 acre Karate Camp facility from the air.

Traditional Training

Traditional Training Remains a Priority of All American Kang Duk Won Training

Blocks and Counters taught by Mr. Darin Zehr

Ippon Kumite: taught by Master Palumbo

Students participate in a punching class lead by Mr. Lester Beyer

A view of Nopunde rising up from deep within the combat course.

Preparation for fire walk at Nopunde Castle.

Master Hintopoulos walking on fire.

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