Classic Moments
(1969 to present)

Every activity is eventful to the participant, and has memorable moments. Occassionally, we are fortunate to be able to capture a "memorable moment" and have it recorded in time. In this page we are presenting a selection of pictures that are rare and special in some way. As the page develops, "Classic Moments" from all facets of Kang Duk Won will be displayed.
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Original KDW Manual
Master Park Chull Hee.
Master Kum Chun Kim
executes a sidekick.
Master Lawlor
executes a flying kick.
This picture in the Main Dojang
is the basis for the current logo.
Master Park Chull Hee and Master Lawlor
when Master Park visited Watertown
Jan16-18, 2012.

Modern Instructional Manuals
The first all inclusive manual
used from 1995 to 2005
Standard cover                    Hard cover
The current manual - completly
revised and expanded fron the first edition
Original Kang Duk Won manual (top center)
with all American Kang Duk Won Karate
manuals and the current school patches.

Competitors receiving
pre-tournament instructions
from Master Lawlor.
Trophy winners at an
early AKDW Tournament
Master Frank Palumbo
executes a black belt form
at an early tournament
in spite of numerous hornets.
Master Kenneth Shean
executes a board break
during a black belt demo
at a tournament.

Master Lester Beyer executes
an 8 board power break
during a black belt demo
at a tournament.
Master Lester Beyer executes a 7 board break using an axe kick
during a black belt demo at the 2007 tournament.

After every tournament,
the Black Belt Instructors
gather for a group photo.
Master Dan Jones executes
a sword form at the
2002 tournament.
The national anthem
is sung at the start of
tournaments (2003).
The Junior Demo Team
concludes a presentaion of
'Proud to be an American'

The directors of AKDWK
at the conclusion of
a tournament at
Jefferson Community college

Master Frank Palumbo gives the first public presentation of the O Ki No Yari Form at the 2001 tournament.

The Black belts bow in at the start of camp.

The Black belts and students bow in for morning workouts.

Master Robert Lawlor constantly oversees all aspects of the camp.

The directors and ninjas
at the Octagon.
Crossing of Ninja swamp
by a team of Black Belt
Guiding the students
through the challenges of
the Combat Course
proves to be as much fun
for the Black Belts as it is
for the participants of
various belt ranks.
A column of ninjas
crosses the Combat Course

Master Hintopoulos
walking on fire.
An aerial view of the
camp while in session.
Aerial view
of a
camp workout.

Mr. Mark Sears, Senior
Instructor and instructor of
AKDWK sword classes,
receives a samurai sword
in honor of his dedication
to the success of annual
AKDWK karate camps.
The Cannon Team
All highly trained cannoneers.
The trebuchet.
The most spectacular
launch is with a flaming
payload at night.
the swamp is seen
up close and personal.

Students and Instructors
at the start of the
Children's Camp 2007
The first annual
Black Belt Camp
September 2005
Master Robert Lawlor
landing at camp
in helicopter 1995

Mr. Zehr, relaxing
on a bed of nails,
has a concrete block,
on his chest,
broken by Master Palumbo.
Mrs. Palumbo
walks on broken glass.
Fourteen black belts did the fire walk
at the 2008 camp.

The mediation area at camp
is a location where one can stop
and quietly collect one's thoughts,
relax for a few momens,
or just enjoy the natural surroundings
either in the wooded area,
alongside a babbling brook,
or in the adjacent open gardens.

The labyrinth was constructed in the spring of 2001. In 2007 some stones were upended to give a different impression.
Walking the labyrinth is a walking meditation. The labyrinth is illuminated at night with tiki torches,
and one has different experiences walking the labyrinth in the daytime and at night.

Creepy Creatures Haunted House
Frankenstein. Dr. Jekyll (2011).

Master Palumbo
executing the Bo kata Sa Kwon.
Master Lawlor throws Master Shean
during a demo held for a
community recreation program.
Master Palumbo
executes a flying kick
at a demo in 1982.

Master Dan Jones
executes a board break
at a demo.
Masters Shean, Lawlor,
and Palumbo
practice one step sparring
(Ippon Kumites).
Students receiving final instructions
prior to a testing at Gouverneur in 2004.

The Black Belts' table
at a testing at Gouverneur in 2004.
Masters Shean, Lawlor,
and Palumbo
practice with weapons in
Thompson Park, Watertown.

More pictures to come.

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