The mythical castle of Nopunde was built by Korean warriors around the year 1410 in the kingdom of Kanwon. Nopunde, meaning "high", was so named for its awesome height, which also made the castle seemingly invulnerable. In 1455, a highly trained group of ninjas took over Nopunde Castle and held it for over 20 years. During their occupation of the castle, the stealthy ninjas built a number of secrets into the castle to make penetration virtually impossible. In 1476, Korean warriors made nearly a dozen assaults on Nopunde Castle without success.

In 1478, the Great Flood of the Kanwon Kingdom forced the ninjas to abandon the castle. The castle was untouched by the flood and stood vacant for many years. Around the turn of the century, word began to circulate that the castle was unoccupied, but there was no one who knew the actual location of Nopunde Castle. There were several maps showing an approximate location, however, none could be considered authentic.

In 1506, three separate groups, each skilled in the ways of the ninja, set out to find Nopunde Castle. Rumor of the three groups quickly spread and each group knew of the others. Realizing that whoever occupies the castle would have the advantage, each group developed strategies that would aid them in reaching and occupying the castle. From that moment on, they also realized that they could be in danger at any time. To add to their woes, the ninjas who vacated Nopunde Castle, nearly 30 years before, had left it sealed and only they knew the secret of entering the castle.

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