The new tournament emblem, introduced at the 2016 Tournament, may be worn by anyone to show support for the American Kang Duk Won Tournaments. They may be worn on jacket, hats, bags etc. They may be worn on a white karate uniform only by a person who participated in a tournament in 2016 or any tournament after that. The emblem is worn on the left sleeve of a uniform, halfway between the elbow and wrist. Persons who participated in the 40th tournament may wear either emblem but not both.

The emblem is unique as it has some differences from the regular Kang Duk Won Emblem.
The gold fist represents the spirit of the tournaments. Gold is the highest award in most sports, such as the Olympic Gold Medal. As has been said many times, those who participate in the tournaments are all winners. Thus, the gold fist rather than flesh colored.
The blue star symbolizes our support for law enforcement and military who work so hard to keep our country safe. The five points of the blue star represent God, Country, Loyalty, Honor, and Respect.

The spear is one of man's earliest weapons, and the crossed spears of the emblem represent the weapons competition at the tournament. All of these are on a black background which represents the American Kang Duk Won Black Belts who are the foundation of the tournament and the organization itself.

Finally the gold circle around the black shows the circle that is talked about when a person attains Black Belt. The circle shows that the Black Belts jealously guard that circle and anyone who enters must earn their way.

Wear your Tournament Emblem with pride knowing you are a part of American Kang Duk Won Karate and the things we stand for.

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