"Our Tradition Continues"
40th Annual International Championships
March 29, 2014

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The night before the tournament, the black belts meet and go over all details of the tournament so everything goes as smooth as possible. Then, on the day of the tournament everyone arrives, friends are greeted, check the assignment board, look at the posters from area classes, have a last minute practice, and then, it is time to line up for the bow-in.

Opening Bow-In

After the bow-in the national anthems of Canada and the United States are sung and then announcments are given and awards are presented.

Master Robert Lawlor gives the opening comments.
The national anthems of Canada and the United States are sung by Ms. Amy Thomas from the Queen's University dojang, Kingston, Ontario.
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Presentation of the 40th Anniversary Tournament placque to Master Robert Lawlor by Peter Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer of the Watertown Family YMCA .

Master Lawlor explains that a special emblem
was created for this tournament, and that it is to be worn only by the colored belt students who attended the tournament. Black Belt instructors handed out the emblems to the students, and instructions were given regarding placement on the uniform, as indicated. The emblem is worn on the sleeve, halfway between the bottom of the sleeve and the elbow, and on the outside part of the uniform. Only White through Brown Belts may wear the emblem on their uniforms.
Karateka of the Year
Mr. Donald Swartz
Master Lawlor presents the new Master Instructors: from left to right: Mr. Darren Zehr, Mr. David Dummitt, Mrs. Charlene Rydgren, Mrs. Debbie Beyer, and Mr. Mark Sears
Master Lawlor presents Mr.John Burns with his Black Belt. Mr. Burns trained with AKDWK, but was less regular when he became Sheriff of Jefferson County, New York. He continued to help the organization with self-defense tactics and anything he could.

Kata Forms - Trophy presentation occurs at the conclusion of each division.

Weapons Forms


Demonstrations - by the Black Belts occurred throughout the day.

Posters - The dojangs are encouraged to make a poster and bring it to the tournament to display.

Horse Stance Center Punch and First Eight Moves of Kata One.
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Master Lester Beyer - Meditation & Multiple Board Breaks.
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Master Dan Jones and Mr. Daniel Retajczyk - Escrima Self- Defense.
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The Black Belt Demo Team - An Escrima Form.
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Mr. Jeremy Hopping - Kama Demonstration Form.
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Mr. Mark Norman - Chulgis with a Breaking Routine.
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Master Dan Jones and the Escrima Combat Team.
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The tournament has finished and the Black Belts gather together.

After the tournament, annual pictures are taken at class meetings or at area gatherings of several classes. Excitement is still high from the tournament and students are encouraged to bring any trophies they won at the tournament for general display.






Gouverneur Area Dojangs

Alexandria Bay

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