Annual International Championships Tournament

Each Spring, since 1975, American Kang Duk Won Karate holds its annual tournament for AKDWK students. The tournament presents a time for students from all classes to come together, to reaquaint, to make new friends, and to meet black belts from the entire association, and a wide geographic area.

The tournament is a major activity of the AKDWK and is well represented each year by a majority of the students who compete in three general areas: palgays, weapons forms, and sparring. Around mid-day, the Black Belts present a spectacular demonstration of weapons forms, musical adaptations of various karate techniques, board breaking, etc..

A highlight of the opening ceremony is always the announcement of the Karateka of the Year. This is an honor presented to an AKDWK member who has done outstanding service.

42nd Annual International Championships

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