Karateka of the Year Awards

The Karateka of the Year Award is presented to a AKDWK member who has been outstanding in service to the group.
Here we wish to recognize past award winners.

Past Recipients of the Karateka of the Year
Former Karatekas of the Year gather to congratulate the soon to be announced new recipient in 1999.
(From left to right: Mrs. Cheryl Lawlor, Mrs. Debbie Hintopoulos, Mr. Dan Jones, Mrs. Rose Carpenter,
Mrs. Charlene Rydgren, Mrs. Fran Foley, Mr. Mark Sears, Mr. Darin Zehr, Mr. David Dummitt,
Mr. Randy Sixberry, Mrs. Kim Sixberry, Mr. Ed Carpenter

1999 2000 2001
Mr. Dan Retajczyk Mr. Dean Gillan Mr. Keith Sixberry

2002 2003 2004
Mr. Ralph Steria Mrs. Deborah Beyer Mr. Paul Bulluck & Mrs. Debra Bulluck

2005 2006 2007
No Picture available
Mrs. Eva Marino Mrs. Denise Young Mrs. Ada Bartlett

2008 2009 2010
Mrs. Liz Bourcy Mr. John Langey Mr. Michael Delouche

2011 2012 2013
Mr. John Rupp and Mrs. Elinore Rupp Mrs. Jennifer Palumbo Ms. Sherri Wilson

2014 2015 2016
Mr. Donald Swartz Mr. Jeremy Hopping Mr. Phil Widrick

2017 2018
Mr. Michael Riley Master David Dummitt and Mr. Oliver Boomhower

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